I Love Science! I Hate Science!

Do you love science or do you hate it?

Rose Eveleth has set up a page, I _____ Science, which aggregates tweets. On one side, “I love science.” On the other, “I hate science.” It presents an interesting little window on the divide.

On this page, she explains her reasons.

In journalism we talk a lot about our “audience.” And for most of us, we have no clue who those people actually are. I picture some of my friends from high school – people who are curious and smart but skipped class when they could get away with it. Other journalists I know picture their uncle or their mom. But all these people leave us with the same problems: they’re people we know, they’re people more or less like us. This is a huge problem (I think) with science communication in general. We’re really good at talking to people like us, and we’re really bad at talking to anybody else.

Yes, but from what I can tell, all the tweeters saying, “I hate science,” are just students in science class.

Love it, hate it, it’s inescapable.