Merry Christmas


The World Is Going to Hell

129 people killed in Paris by muslim terrorists—at least two of whom came into Europe as part of a massive wave of migrants which is currently overwhelming the continent and causing several EU countries to re-impose border controls—thereby undermining the EU itself.

All these things were instigated by ISIS, the newly re-established caliphate, which has carved a new state out of Iraq and Syria and is successfully waging war against, well, everybody.

Meanwhile, our president has made a deal with Iran which makes it easier for them to develop nuclear weapons and which lifts sanctions in exchange for, well, nothing.

Closer to home, universities, which used to be places of quiet study and free debate, are being taken over by radical students who govern via mob rule, protest against freedom of speech, and make demands that are impossible to fulfill. Of course, many universities are caving in to all of their demands—including the impossible ones.

There is a well-known curse, supposedly Chinese, which says, “May you live in interesting times.”

These are the interesting times.